People Counters in Malaysia

Watson Installed 800x counters in Malaysia within 12 months


FootfallCam Analytic Manager v8™

FootfallCam Analytic Manager v8TM is an enterprise web based control panel designed for customers. The Analytic Manager collects data from all Footfallcam counter on a regular basis and store them into a centrally managed system for report viewing where users can perform in depth analysis. Users can choose two different hosting options for their data from FootfallCam counters:

  • FootfallCam Cloud Server
  • Client’s Internal Server

Our Reports

Weekly Footfall Report

The weekly footfall report will provide all users with a macro view of the performance of all stores. The report is mainly use the determine the best and worst performance of stores and to determine which stores need change in operational strategies.

Daily Footfall Report

The daily footfall report will similarly to weekly footfall report, provide users with a macro view of the performance of all stores on a daily basis. This will allow managers to create day to day comparison with the performance of the company.

Sales Conversion Report

The sales conversion report will provide managers with the true measure of a store’s key performance. This metric is the domain of operations and loss preventions by allowing users to identify missed opportunity of sales compared to performance.

Marketing Effectiveness

The marketing effectiveness report will allow users to evaluate and quantify the impact of marketing campaign on three different time frame. Through this report, users will be able to determine the impact and return on investment of advertising efforts.

Centralised Management System

Health Check

Users will be able to monitor the status of their counter via a central location. On a daily basis, users will receive an automated e-mail regarding the status of their counters. With the health check features, users and FootfallCam alike will be able to react proactively when the counter has failed to upload counting data into the Analytic Manager.

Account Management

The account management feature allows high end users to delegate access rights to limit the visibility of restricted data to irrelevant personnel and control the accessibility of data between low level users.

E-Mail Scheduler

The e-mail scheduler function segments e-mails based on user group and send desired business reports to key decision makers on daily or weekly basis. This function allows the retrieval of valuable counting data autonomous and ensures timely deliverance of data.

Video Scheduler for Verification

The accuracy audit function allow users to review the accuracy of the counting data obtained by FootfallCam. Users are able to manually schedule a video recording and test the counting accuracy of the device against manual counting.


The integration aspect of FootfallCam allow users to seamlessly upload their sales data from their ePoS, or to extract the counting data to their BI to produce management report for strategic corporate planning.